Ugly Truths – Polish Tech Day 2021

Let’s talk honestly about startups. No filter. Social media, press and LinkedIn walls are full of product launches, funding rounds and glorious interviews. No one talks about the other side of the coin.

Missteps, mistakes, failures are such a common thing in the startup world, yet we don’t often hear about them.

Welcome to Ugly Truths!

True stories about the startup reality. Should you always quit your job? Is praise from media always helpful? When is the time to let go? How to deal with failure? Join us in conversation with startupers who went through difficulties themselves and organisations who help entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes. Let’s learn from each other, heal together, and turn mistakes into gold!

✅ Jarek Lojewski, Fundacja Dobra Porazka

✅ Agnieszka Lewandowska, Entrepreneurship, Startups and Innovation Educator

✅ Jan Sikora, CEO, Planet Plus

✅ Agata Zborowska, COO, Conception X

✅ Kasia Lechka (Moderator), Head of PLUGin Paris Chapter

Fundacja Dobra Porażka was a Community Partner of the Polish Tech Day 2021.

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