09. Paul Iske: Brilliant Failures

Working together, Failing together, Learning together

In his presentation, Paul Iske will introduce the Institute of Brilliant Failures to stress the importance of (joint) experiments and the need to accept risk and learn from experiences with projects that didn’t produce the results people were aiming for. Failing is not only inevitable, but also an essential learning process.

But are we allowed to fail?

Do we experience and contribute to the required Psychological Safety that is required to take risk and accept different outcomes then expected?

Where everyone agrees that we should learn from our failures, no one tells how to do this. The Institute of Brilliant Failures has developed a method and some tools to extract the lessons learned and make it possible to use them at another moment, at another place. By doing so, we can develop ‘Failure Intelligence’.


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Doktor nauk medycznych i nauk o zdrowiu, dietetyk kliniczny w CM Enel Med

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